Turning Athletic Success to Financial Stability

Our Mission

is to empower high school football and basketball players with the financial literacy essential for navigating the professional sports arena intelligently. We aim to cultivate a culture of long-term wealth preservation and prudent asset management, guiding athletes to seize opportunities for success while also safeguarding their earnings for a prosperous future beyond the game.


athletes monetize talents in college


lack financial education


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Our comprehensive program includes guidance on maximizing NIL potential endorsements, ensuring athletes leverage their brand value responsibly for sustained financial success.



Zay Flowers

"Business is a lot like football – it takes strategy, teamwork, and relentless determination to score big."

'Frequently Asked Questions'

What specific topics or skills will the Fin Athlete workshop cover to enhance both sports performance and financial literacy?

The Fin Athlete workshop covers a range of topics, including budgeting, investing, financial goal setting, and understanding contracts, alongside sports-specific skills like mental toughness, goal setting, and career planning.

How will the workshop balance between teaching sports skills and financial concepts? Will there be hands-on activities or simulations?

The workshop integrates interactive activities and discussions to engage participants in both sports and financial learning. Simulations and case studies help athletes apply financial concepts to real-life scenarios, fostering a hands-on approach to learning.

Is the workshop suitable for athletes who may not be on the road to getting a NIL Deal? How will it accommodate the varying needs and experiences of participants?"

Yes, the Fin Athlete workshop is suitable for athletes at various stages of their careers, including those who may not be actively pursuing NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) deals. The workshop is designed to cater to the diverse needs and experiences of all participants by offering a comprehensive curriculum that goes beyond just NIL opportunities. It covers essential financial literacy skills, sports performance enhancement techniques, and career planning strategies that are valuable to athletes regardless of their current status or aspirations.