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LIT Brunch a premier educational experience for professionals looking to learn investing as a means of financial sustainability. You will walk away with understanding how to identify the best investments for your current lifestyle. At LIT Brunch, we don’t simply give you information that you could find for free on the internet. We develop your ability to think for yourself opening the doorway for bigger and better goals that you never thought possible.



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This ticket price includes ONLY seating.

Money & Mimosa

This ticket price includes:

  • - Seating

  • - Investing database

  • - Bottomless mimosas

  • - meal by a private chef.


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Intimate brunch environment to foster dialogue & education around wealth creation, finance, and investing.

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Was it L.I.T?


Isaiah Jackson

Best Selling Author

" Many people think of Bitcoin as a speculative investment, but after hearing from keynote David M. Torrence, it was awesome to see people be educated on how a legitimate asset class such as crypto can diversify and strengthen a portfolio. I was inspired by the passion of the Brunch attendees."


Jean Raymond

Label Owner/Artist

"I learned at a brunch about investing, and it was eye-opening. As a artist, I realized that I was neglecting my financial health. Investing is not just about making money; it is about securing your financial future and having the freedom to make choices."


Monique. P

Nurse Practitioner

" It is never too late to start, and I encourage all women, especially those in traditionally male-dominated fields like medicine, to take control of their financial future."

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the dress code for the Brunch?

There is no specific dress code for the brunch, but we encourage attendees to dress casual and chic with some personal flair for a stylish aesthetic.

How can I become a sponsor or exhibitor at the Brunch?

To become a sponsor or exhibitor at the conference, please test "Vendor" to 754.704.4647

What is the age requirement for attending?

To attend, you must be 21 years of age or older. Please ensure you bring valid ID to confirm your age at the event.

What meals are provided during the Brunch?

Each L.I.T Brunch location as a special menu (vegan options), which will be emailed to attendees upon purchase of tickets.

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